Mineral collecting tours

We are organizing mineral and gemstones collecting tours in Bulgaria and northern Greece. We are offering you to collect minerals on the surface and underground in the mines.

Our tours are organized to fully respond to the wishes of our visitors.

There are no minimum attendants.
There is no limits of the duration of the tours.
Tours on the surface is better to be held between 15 April and 15 November. For collecting in the mines – any time of the year is convenient.
We provide options to buy mineral specimens and gemstones straight from miners and collectors.
During our tours you will have the chance to try our very rich and tasty Bulgarian cuisine, and visit wineries where you will be able to test unique local wines.
While traveling in the country we combine collecting and visiting all attractions on the road. We provide an option to visit all archeological, historical and nature monuments and attractions and also a chance to relax in some of our mountain resorts and hot springs.
If you wish, we could provide cleaning and packing of collected specimens and an option to polish collected gemstones.
It is our responsibility to provide export of all collected and purchased stones and fossils.

Price depends of how many days is the tour, the kind of accommodation you’ll chose , food, drinks and attractions visited on the road.
Just for your information an average for 15 days, a group of 5 participants spent around 1500 euro per person, including: car, guide, driver, translator in English, accommodation, food and tickets for visited attractions. The flight is not included in the price.

We have several options according to the minerals you are interested in :

Sulfides – galena, sphalerites (cleophane and marmatite), chalcopyrite, pyrite, quartz, calcite, manganocalcite, rhodochrosite etc.
Amethyst, agates, jaspers and opals – option to collect unique Orpheus agates, moos agate, bastion and Uruguay structure agates, onyx and many other varieties of agates, jaspers, petrified wood, opals, amethyst and smoky quartz in one of the wildest and most beautiful parts of Bulgaria with well-preserved wild life and nature.
Fossils – we are offering options to collect many and different kind of fossils in the northern part of the country
Pegmatites – there are places with the option to dig and collect amethyst, smoky quartz, beryl, garnets etc.
Coper mines – entering the mines and collecting on the dump of the mine, for collecting azurite, malachite, chrisocola, linarite and some rare minerals as tyrolite, cacoxenite, strashimirite, olivenite and many others secondary copper minerals
Northern Greece – We offer 3 collecting places in the north part of Greece for very nice epidote, wurtzite, linarite, quartz, inarite, cerussite, anglesite, brochanthite, caledonite, cuprite, quartz, chalcopyrite, sphalerite, garnets etc. Deposits are less than 10 kilometres of a beautiful Greek beaches and many historical objects and monuments.
So far we have seven successful tours and some of the visitors are even coming for a second time.

Bellow you could see some pictures from our tours.

If you are interested please contact us by mail: office@bggems.com or by phone +359 896 86 96 94

G.D.Gem. Ivan Pojarevski

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